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Light In Shadow

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Zoe Luce is a successful interior designer in the Arizona town of Whispering Springs who's developed an unusual career specialty-helping recently divorced clients redesign their homes, to help them forget the past and start anew. But Zoe knows that some things can't be covered up with a coat of paint. And when she senses that one of her clients may be hiding a dark secret, she enlists P.I. Ethan Truax to find the truth.

Working together, they solve the mystery . . . and barely escape with their lives. But Ethan's exquisite detection skills are starting to backfire on Zoe: she never wanted to let him find out about her former life; she never wanted to reveal her powerful, inexplicable gift for sensing the history hidden within a house's walls; she never wanted him to know that "Zoe Luce" doesn't really exist. She never wanted to fall in love with him.

Now, no matter how much she resists, Ethan may be her only hope-because the people she's been running from have found her. And just when Zoe dares to dream of a normal life and a future with the man she loves, her own past starts to shadow her every step-and threatens to take her back into a nightmare.

Lighting Engineering

RRP $492.99

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'Lighting Engineering: Applied Calculations' describes the mathematical background to the calculation techniques used in lighting engineering and links them to the applications with which they are used. The fundamentals of flux and illuminance, colour, measurement and optical design are covered in detail. There are detailed discussions of specific applications, including interior lighting, road lighting, tunnel lighting, floodlighting and emergency lighting. The authors have used their years of experience to provide guidance for common mistakes and useful techniques including worked examples and case studies.
The last decade has seen the universal application of personal computers to lighting engineering on a day-to-day basis. Many calculations that were previously impracticable are therefore now easily accessible to any engineer or designer who has access to an appropriate computer program. However, a grasp of the underlying calculation principles is still necessary in order to utilise these technologies to the full.
Written by two of the leading authorities on this subject, 'Lighting Engineering' is essential reading for practising lighting engineers, designers and architects, and students in the field of lighting.
* Provides you with detailed calculations and shows you how to apply them in practical situations
* Benefit from the author teams' acknowledged expertise in the field
* Learn to utilise new technologies to the full

Designing A Quality Lighting Environment

RRP $295.99

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This comprehensive text examines the technical, practical, and aesthetic aspects of lighting design. With its focus on quality, it demonstrates how lighting designers provide functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing designs for both residential and commercial interiors. The author's extensive research integrates developments in the field with an introduction to lighting systems, giving readers a foundation for applying design principles to lighting projects.

The Interior Dimension

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The Interior Dimension A Theoretical Approach to Enclosed Space Joy Monice Malnar and Frank Vodvarka " A plan proceeds from within to without... The exterior is the result of the interior." -- Le Corbusier This comment clearly indicates the primacy of the interior as a generator of form-- but design theory has historically emphasized buildings' exterior, not its interior. And this approach, essentially sculptural, has often had less than a beneficial effect on the building' s occupants. That situation is, however, changing, and the interior is increasingly being viewed as the designer' s primary concern. The Interior Dimension provides a much-needed theoretical overview of interior space-- its history and character-- in an organized and comprehensive manner. Exploring the history of spatial design from the first century B.C. to the present, this innovative book reviews the part of architectural theory that relates to the interior, as well as such related disciplines as fine art, psychology, philosophy, literature, and the environmental sciences. The approach is eclectic, and seeks to identify those design concerns necessary to proceed " ... from within to without." The book' s three-part organization clearly distinguishes fundamental design elements, their derivation, and applications within a cultural context. Each section addresses increasingly complex issues in design, thus providing a base of understanding for the succeeding chapter. First, The Interior Dimension examines the importance of theory, as well as attributes of fundamental design elements and their perception. The authors stress the abstract nature and generativepotential of even the simplest gesture, examining human spatial requirements both in terms of metaphysical aspects of visual elements and critical studies in perception. Second, it probes some of the positions that noted

Evidence-based Lighting Design

RRP $220.99

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New lighting best practices, from a design-research collaboration

Evidence-Based Lighting Design explores how light affects human health and well-being, and provides real-world examples and guidelines for designers. Written by internationally recognized and award-winning lighting experts, the book combines design theory and scientific research to establish best practices for lighting design. Contributions by prominent medical and scientific researchers provide real evidence validating the long-held assumption that design impacts the users of the space, and the book expands upon the research to provide an accessible, easy-to-read guide to the theory, concepts, and practice of evidence-based lighting design.

Evidence-based design is a research-based approach designers use to understand how the built environment influences behavior. When applied to lighting, the evidence was made clear when the American Medical Association announced that lighting does indeed affect human well-being. The recent integration of scientific evidence into lighting design has become a top priority for lighting designers, and Evidence-Based Lighting Design is the first comprehensive reference in the field. The book discusses the results of research, and offers advice on incorporating these new guidelines into the design process. Topics include:

  • The physics of light and human vision
  • Circadian rhythms, and the human need for light
  • The effect of light on human health
  • Design guidelines vetted by medical and research experts

The book includes case studies that illustrate the real-life impact of lighting, exploring aspects like artificial environments, clinical environments, and the effects of light on plants and animals. The guidelines that result represent the collaboration of designers and researchers, making Evidence-Based Lighting Design the most complete field resource on the market.


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