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Seven Successes Of Smarter Teams, Part 1

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Want To KNOW What Makes Smarter Teams SUCCEED? Imagine. Ready? In less than 90 min you could actually KNOW the thinking tools top-tier management consultants use to tackle the first of the Seven Successes of Smarter Teams. Praises For Dr. A.M. Monadjem and the Seven Successes of Smarter Teams "I'm very excited about your system, which is brilliant!" -Glynis Mackenzie; Speaker & Founder of Living On Purpose "Ali is truly committed to delivering value to his clients and strives to work as a partner with them to help them achieve their near- and long-term objectives." -Stephen Okelo-Odongo; Development Leader for SSA at GE "I have over the years dealt with thousands... Dr. Monadjem stands above most. I do not give this type of assessment to many!" -Prof. Frank M. Horwitz; Director of Cranfield School of Management, UK "Ali is a model professional! Very knowledgeable and a good business advisor, trusted by executives to provide good insight to business problems and solutions." - Sylvia Bopape; Middle Manager, Eskom "Ali and I... have worked closely together for the past two years. His deliberate manner and balanced views provide the executive team with a wonderful sounding board." -Dale Humby; CTO Nomanini Business Success Is No Longer "Just Business" In our ever-changing world, shallow use of old business ideas no longer cuts it for successful professionals and teams. Agree? Business teams endure frustration and ambiguity. True? Here is where the Seven Successes can be useful to you. Ready for the secret? What Are The Seven Successes? In Seven Successes for Smarter Teams, Dr. Ali Matthew Monadjem, former consultant, team leader and trainer with top business management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, shares seven core elements required for successful business management and team building. This business how to guide teaches proven techniques that can change you or your team forever, and do it fast. Many who use these tricks and tools find it much easier to earn six and seven figure annual incomes over time, due to the value these smarted individuals are adding to their teams and organizations (*disclaimer: these earnings are not guaranteed!*). Where are These Techniques From? These techniques are similar to those used by many top business management consultants, in firms such as McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company, AT Kearney, and so on. Now anyone can access great thinking tools and techniques, and more, without years of sacrifice. Useful, right? This is exactly why Dr. A.M. Monadjem developed this series for Accompany Advisory's Executive Learning Academy, which focuses on executives' parallel and complimentary needs for impact consulting and insight-driven capability building. Its global team brings you the best insights on building smarter teams, simply and easily. Do I Need This? Not if you don't want to get more done in less time. Otherwise, definitely. Incredible impact awaits you and your teams. Sound good? Being stuck in traditional ways, with outdated views, can have calamitous costs at all levels. Can teams survive without a good buffet of core tools? Take Advantage Now! These tricks have worked for many high-potential graduates, consultants, managers, and executives. You can have them to work for you. When you read this book you'll take advantage of the Seven Successes, find out what they are, and delve deeper into the first secret success.

A Heart Full Of Whiskey

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She's all alone; lost. She drinks her problems away. She hides herself with makeup. Hanging out with friends she would never hangout before. Going to clubs and getting lost in the music and hooking up with strangers. She's a girl she never thought she would become. She fell apart and It's all because of Vince. Before Vince she was a straight A student. She was a dreamer but now what is she? She reminisces the past searching for hope. She's losing her mind all because she is keeping one little secret; hidden and it all has to do with Vince. So what is that secret she is hiding and can she get herself back together?

Braunwald's Heart Disease

RRP $315.00

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Ideal for cardiologists who need to keep abreast of rapidly changing scientific foundations, clinical research results, and evidence-based medicine,Braunwald's Heart Disease is your indispensable source for definitive, state-of-the-art answers on every aspect of contemporary cardiology. It helps you apply the most recent knowledge in personalised medicine, imaging techniques, pharmacology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and much more!

In keeping with the rapid pace of advances in the field of cardiovascular medicine, the Expert Consult eBook is updated frequently with the results of late-breaking clinical trials,reviews of important new research publications, and updates on clinical practice authored by leaders in the field. These online supplements are selected and edited masterfully by Dr. Eugene Braunwald.

Key Features:

  • Practice with confidence and overcome your toughest challenges with advice from the top minds in cardiology today, who synthesise the entire state of current knowledge and summarise all of the most recent ACC/AHA practice guidelines.
  • Locate the answers you need fast thanks to a user-friendly, full-colour design with more than 1,200 colour illustrations.
New to this Edition:
  • Take advantage of a robust update program that includes Hot off the Presscommentary, Late-Breaking Clinical Trials, and Focused Reviews.
  • Learn from leading international experts, including 53 new authors.
  • Explore brand-new chapters, such as Principles of Cardiovascular Genetics and Biomarkers, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Personalized Medicine.
  • Access new and updated guidelines covering Diseases of the Aorta, Peripheral Artery Diseases,Diabetes and the Cardiovascular System, Heart Failure, and
  • Valvular Heart Disease.
  • Stay abreast of the latest diagnostic and imaging techniques and modalities, such as three-dimensional echocardiography, speckle tracking, tissue Doppler, computed tomography, and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Access online videos covering the scope of heart disease, including percutaneous coronary intervention, valvular heart disease,and cardiac magnetic resonance.
  • Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, references, and videos from the book on a variety of devices.
Braunwald's Heart Disease continues to provide THE BEST cardiology information with expanded premium multimedia features, extensively revised content, and new global experts.

National Theatres In A Changing Europe

RRP $288.99

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Examining the ways in which national theatres have formed and evolved over time, this new collection highlights the difficulties these institutions encounter today, in an environment where nationalism and national identity are increasingly contested by global, transnational and local agendas, and where economic forces create conflicting demands.

Flying Start To Literacy Level 20

RRP $7.99


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