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Redeeming A Father's Heart

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Redeeming A Father's Heart presents the powerful stories of 10 courageous men with the common desire to present the truth of their abortion experience and the consequences of this life changing decision. These accounts are inspirational testimonies that journey deep into the heart of male post abortion pain.ultimately revealing the miraculous manifestation of God's transforming power. After you read these stories you will have a greater understanding and appreciation of male post abortion grief. The stories in Redeeming A Father's Heart provide a special roadmap for men and their loved ones, pointing the way to deeper understanding, hope and healing.

Reflexive Cartography Vol 6

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Reflexive Cartography addresses the adaptation of cartography, including its digital forms (GIS, WebGIS, PPGIS), to the changing needs of society, and outlines the experimental context aimed at mapping a topological space. Using rigorous scientific analysis based on statement consistency, relevance of the proposals, and model accessibility, it charts the transition from topographical maps created by state agencies to open mapping produced by citizens.

Adopting semiotic theory to uncover the complex communicative mechanisms of maps and to investigate their ability to produce their own messages and new perspectives,Reflexive Cartography outlines a shift in our way of conceptualizing maps: from a plastic metaphor of reality, as they are generally considered, to solid tools that play the role of agents, assisting citizens as they think and plan their own living place and make sense of the current world.

  • Applies a range of technologies to theoretical perspectives on mapping to innovatively map the world's geographic diversity
  • Features a multi-disciplinary perspective that weaves together geography, the geosciences, and the social sciences through territorial representation
  • Authored and edited by two of the world's foremost cartographic experts who combine more than 60 years of experience in research and in the classroom
  • Presents more than 60 figures to underscore key concepts

Seven Successes Of Smarter Teams, Part 3

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Want To KNOW What Makes Smarter Teams SUCCEED? Imagine. Ready? In less than 90 min you could actually KNOW the thinking tools top-tier management consultants use to tackle one of the Seven Successes of Smarter Teams. In our ever-changing world, shallow use of old business ideas no longer cuts it for successful professionals and teams. Agree? Business teams endure frustration and ambiguity. True? Here is where the Seven Successes can be useful to you. Ready for the secret? What Are The Seven Successes? In Seven Successes for Smarter Teams, Dr. Ali Matthew Monadjem, former consultant, team leader and trainer with top business management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, shares seven core elements required for successful business management and team building. This business how to guide teaches proven techniques that can change you or your team forever, and do it fast. Many who use these thinking tools find it much easier to earn six and seven figure annual incomes over time, due to the value these smarter individuals are adding to their teams and organizations (*disclaimer: these earnings are not guaranteed!*). Where are These Techniques From? These techniques are similar to those used by many top business management consultants, in firms such as McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company, AT Kearney, and so on. Now anyone can access great thinking tools and techniques, and more, without years of sacrifice. Useful, right? This is exactly why Dr. A.M. Monadjem developed this series for Accompany Advisory's Executive Learning Academy, which focuses on executives' parallel and complimentary needs for impact consulting and insight-driven capability building. Its global team brings you the best insights on building smarter teams, simply and easily. Do I Need This? Not if you don't want to get more done in less time. Otherwise, definitely. Incredible impact awaits you and your teams. Sound good? Being stuck in traditional ways, with outdated views, can have calamitous costs at all levels. Can teams survive without a good set of core tools? Take Advantage Now! These tricks have worked for many high-potential graduates, consultants, managers, and executives. You can have them work for you. When you read this book you'll take advantage of the Seven Successes, find out what they are, and delve deeper into the third secret of success.

Boreal And Temperate Trees In A Changing Climate 2016

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Boreal and temperate tree species are adapted to the seasonally varying climatic conditions with their annual cycle of development so that the frost hardy dormant phase and the susceptible growth phase are synchronized with the seasonality of the climate. The annual cycle includes various attributes such as timing of bud burst and other phenological events, and seasonality of photosynthetic capacity or frost hardiness of the trees. During the last few decades dynamic ecophysiological models have been used increasingly in studies of the annual cycle, especially when projecting the ecological effects of climate change. These studies are reviewed and some additional new ideas on the topic are also introduced. A unifying notation is used throughout the book when discussing different aspects of the annual cycle. Main emphasis is on combining modelling with experimental studies and on the importance of the biological realism of the models

The Art Of Joy 2

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The Art of Joy 1 was such a success I decided to create a second volume. The Art of Joy 2 serves two purposes. One is to help you make a daily practice of finding joy wherever you may go or in whatever you may be doing. The other is to unwind by expressing your creativity through coloring. In your daily journal take the time to go through your day and reflect on what may have brought you joy. Recognize the un-usual. Sometimes trying something new will bring an energy and joy you didn't expect. Can you look back to your childhood and remember how you wiled the hour's away coloring; it was and still is very cathartic. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to coloring other than your own imagination therefore don't limit yourself. Use any medium you feel comfortable with, for me that would be colored pencils the softer the lead the better for shading. Feel free to use watercolors, fine tip magic markers or a combination of them all. There are 63 journal pages, one for each day for two months. A full page to write whatever and wherever you find joy; the opposite page is for you to color the beautiful floral designs into reality while relaxing the time away. Enjoy this very special time with The Art of Joy 2 coloring journal! I am positive that this list can help you in your journey to find your inner joy.


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