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Art Nouveau Stencil Designs

RRP $13.95

This unusual collection of stencil designs showcases the sinuous elegance of Art Nouveau, with 44 plates dating from the 1920s. Inspired by interior and exterior architectural ornaments of buildings in France and Britain, the designs are meticulously reproduced from a rare vintage publication.Attractive patterns range from decorations for churches, drawing rooms, nurseries, and everything in between, including halls, galleries, and corners. The elaborate borders, friezes, and festoons include exquisite images of children, animals, birds, rosettes, and heraldic designs. These finely detailed, royalty-free patterns are an invaluable resource, perfect for adding a distinctive note to fabrics, stained glass, wallpaper, and a host of other art and craft projects. Browsers and devotees of the Art Nouveau style will also appreciate this treasury of striking stencil designs.

Artificial Intelligence And Literary Creativity

RRP $366.99

Is human creativity a wall that AI can never scale? Many people are happy to admit that experts in many domains can be matched by either knowledge-based or sub-symbolic systems, but even some AI researchers harbor the hope that when it comes to feats of sheer brilliance, mind over machine is an unalterable fact. In this book, the authors push AI toward a time when machines can autonomously write not just humdrum stories of the sort seen for years in AI, but first-rate fiction thought to be the province of human genius. It reports on five years of effort devoted to building a story generator--the BRUTUS.1 system.
This book was written for three general reasons. The first theoretical reason for investing time, money, and talent in the quest for a truly creative machine is to work toward an answer to the question of whether we ourselves are machines. The second theoretical reason is to silence those who believe that logic is forever closed off from the emotional world of creativity. The practical rationale for this endeavor, and the third reason, is that machines able to work alongside humans in arenas calling for creativity will have incalculable worth.

A Window To Your Heart

RRP $14.99

Imagine if you could make you're cherished dream come true. If you could look into A Window to Your Heart and pull that dream into reality. For Jason Dennereck, the ever-vigilant wallflower, his dream is to one day talk to one girl in particular...the one who makes each day brighter evertime he sees just say something more than "hello" to her. His dream could come true as he is a given a glimpse into what could happen if he puts his trust in God and allows him to lead the way. However, the temptation to do it all his own way causes more pain he may be left with an empty feeling and a lonely heart.

A Red Wallflower

RRP $18.99

It is now a good many years ago that an English family came over from the old country and established itself in one of the small villages that are scattered along the shore of Connecticut. Why they came was not clearly understood, neither was it at all to be gathered from their way of life or business. Business properly they had none; and their way of life seemed one of placid contentment and unenterprising domestic pleasure. The head of the family was a retired army officer, now past the prime of his years; tall, thin, grey, and grave; but a gentleman through and through. Everybody liked Colonel Gainsborough, although nobody could account for a man of his age leading what seemed such a profitless life. He was doing really nothing; staying at home with his wife and his books. Why had he come to Connecticut at all?

A Quarter Horse Christmas

RRP $12.99

It is December 24, 1944, and as World War II rages on, the Anderson family in East Texas faces a very bleak Christmas.

With Mr. Anderson serving in the army half a world away, young Danny Anderson must try to fill his father's absence and be the man of the house. This means taking care of his mom and little sister and running the family lumber business and Quarter Horse ranch.

Danny works tirelessly, taking on extra jobs while attending school. Despite his best efforts, he can't keep up with the bills, leaving the family to sell their horses to pay their debts and keep food on the table.

The Andersons' misfortune benefits Rufus Marshall, a local man of considerable wealth. With a self-righteous attitude, he greedily buys the Andersons' remaining asset-their broodmare band.

When a severe blizzard blows into the area on Christmas Eve, it sets in motion a series of events that will change everything, bringing renewed hope to the entire Anderson family-and redemption to Rufus Marshall as well.


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