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How To Start A Cozy Cabin Fire

RRP $17.99

This book describes a method on how to start an indoor or outdoor fire anyplace that has an indoor fireplace or that you camp. Book was written at rental, Cozy Cabin Lake Wallenpaupack PA.

Have A New Kid By Friday Participant's Guide

RRP $15.39

The book that took the parenting world by storm is now available in trade paper! Anyone who has dealt with parenting problems knows that it is no easy task to turn bad behavior around. Bestselling author and psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman is here to help.
"Have a New Kid by Friday" shows parents how to reverse negative behavior in their children--fast! With his signature wit and encouragement, Dr. Leman offers them hope and real, practical, doable strategies for regaining control and becoming the parents they always wanted to be. Focusing on changing a child's attitude, behavior, and character, this book contains chapters for each day of the week, as well as a special section with advice on everything from rolling eyes to sibling rivalry to talking back to punching walls--and much, much more. This helpful section of more than 100 specific topics is indexed, allowing parents to flip immediately to any areas of concern for witty, straightforward, and gutsy plans of action.

Bartleby The Scrivener

RRP $16.99

"Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" is a short story by the American writer Herman Melville. At first, Bartleby appears to be a boon to the practice, as he produces a large volume of high-quality work. One day, though, when asked by the narrator to help proofread a copied document, Bartleby answers with what soon becomes his stock response: "I would prefer not to". To the dismay of the narrator and to the irritation of the other employees, Bartleby performs fewer and fewer tasks around the office. The narrator makes several attempts to reason with him and to learn something about him, but Bartleby offers nothing but his signature "I would prefer not to". One Sunday, the narrator stops by the office unexpectedly and discovers that Bartleby has started living there.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Turkey!

RRP $13.99

The old lady is at it again, and this time she's swallowing a Turkey . . . she's always been quirky!

You won't believe why this old lady swallowed
a turkey, a ball, a hat, a balloon, a boat, some wheels, and
a horn of plenty!

Read this book and find out why!

Artificial Neural Networks

RRP $68.00

1.1 Overview We are living in a decade recently declared as the "Decade of the Brain". Neuroscientists may soon manage to work out a functional map of the brain, thanks to technologies that open windows on the mind. With the average human brain consisting of 15 billion neurons, roughly equal to the number of stars in our milky way, each receiving signals through as many as 10,000 synapses, it is quite a view. "The brain is the last and greatest biological frontier", says James Weston codiscoverer of DNA, considered to be the most complex piece of biological machinery on earth. After many years of research by neuroanatomists and neurophys­ iologists, the overall organization of the brain is well understood, but many of its detailed neural mechanisms remain to be decoded. In order to understand the functioning of the brain, neurobiologists have taken a bottom-up approach of studying the stimulus-response characteristics of single neurons and networks of neurons, while psy­ chologists have taken a top-down approach of studying brain func­ tions from the cognitive and behavioral level. While these two ap­ proaches are gradually converging, it is generally accepted that it may take another fifty years before we achieve a solid microscopic, intermediate, and macroscopic understanding of brain.


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