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Underground Space Design

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Underground space development may be one of the most significant was to contend with urban predicaments such as congestion, lack of open space, and aging infrastructures. However, designers must consider whether or not people will be willing to live and work in what could be perceived as inhospitable environments. Should people be required to work in underground facilities, Or should underground space be used solely for mechanical or transit services and low-occupancy functions such as storage? What must designers do to create subsurface spaces that will avoid or alleviate the psychological and physiological problems associated with being underground? Underground Space Design is the first comprehensive book on subsurface space utilization throughout the world. The authors supply a complete overview of the entire range of underground uses by reflecting on the past, present, and future of underground development. Underground Space Design is the result of a five-year joint research study by the Underground Space Center at the University of Minnesota and the Shimizu Institute of Technology in Japan. This thorough, scholarly, and practical source offers extensive coverage of the relevant topics including:<br> * an analysis of current underground land use<br> * the future of underground development<br> * comprehensive set of classifications<br> * a summary of existing research on psychological issues<br> * exterior and entrance design patterns<br> * layout and spatial configuration patterns<br> * interior design patterns<br> * methods of lighting<br> * life safety design patterns<br> Elaborately designed and illustrated, this book is the first complete source to present the broad range of underground design and uses, making it an ideal reference for architects, interior designers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, city planners, developers, and environmental psychologists. Underground Space Design is also an excellent introduction to the field, precisely serving the needs of students and other professionals.

Hospitality Design For The Graying Generation

RRP $283.99

A comprehensive and practical approach to designing for the growing senior market<br> <br> As people live longer, stay healthier, and enjoy more disposable income, their use of hospitality services is increasing dramatically. Hospitality Design for the Graying Generation helps you cater to this expanding market by providing critical information on designing facilities which are sensitive to the needs of the over-65 population. With the important principles explained in this book, designing for the senior consumer can be creative, cost-effective, and benefit all consumers without sacrificing style.<br> <br> This indispensable guide includes: <br> * A Universal Design approach that can be applied to both commercial and residential projects, going beyond compliance with ADA guidelines <br> * A wide range of hospitality design, including restaurants, hotel guest rooms, lobbies, and lounges <br> * Design principles beautifully illustrated with concise, detailed drawings <br> * Extensive coverage of the specific physical needs and psychology of seniors, including physical strength, hearing, sight, color preferences, and other areas <br> * A quick-reference checklist of "senior-friendly" design features<br> <br> <br> When the interior design needs of the over-65 market are met, all potential users gain, regardless of age or ability. This accessible book is an invaluable resource for designers, operators, and other professionals throughout the hospitality industry.<br> <br> With millions of baby boomers rapidly approaching retirement age, the over-65 age group is the fastest-growing segment of the population. As they become healthier, live longer, and have more disposable income, their use of hospitality services, such as hotels and restaurants, will increase dramatically. Whether you are a designer or a hospitality professional, Hospitality Design for the Graying Generation helps you plan for this growing market by providing you with critical information for designing facilities that accommodate the needs of all generations.<br> <br> Clearly written and generously illustrated, Hospitality Design for the Graying Generation shows you how to address the specific physical and psychological needs of seniors, with detailed chapters on mobility, hearing, vision, color preferences, and other important areas. Going beyond ADA guidelines, Alfred Baucom's Universal Design approach enables you to integrate senior-friendly design principles into a wide range of specific environments --from lobbies, common areas, and public restrooms to restaurants, lounges, and hotel guest rooms.<br> <br> In meeting the needs of the over-65 market, Hospitality Design for the Graying Generation ensures that all potential users, regardless of age or ability, will be well accommodated.

Digital Drawing For Designers Third Edition

RRP $240.00

AutoCAD is the industry standard for two-dimensional construction drawings, and this manual was created specifically to help designers master it. Neither overly simplistic nor excessively technical,Digital Drawing for Designers: A Visual Guide to AutoCAD 2012 teaches by relating to what architects and interior designers understand best: the visual world. Beginning with the building blocks of drawing (lines, circles, and arcs), the book progresses through architectural graphic standards, enabling students to create drawings that effectively communicate their design ideas. Advanced features such as annotative dimensions, annotative blocks, express tools, and linking drawings (XREFs) are also covered. Instructions are illustrated using language and concepts from manual drafting, facilitating a smooth transition to the digital environment for all designers. New learners will appreciate the step-by-step lessons and visual illustrations, while experienced design professionals can easily access material to refresh their knowledge. Clear, concise, and above all visual, this AutoCAD guide speaks directly to the needs of architects and interior designers.

A Kernel Function Approach For Interior Point Methods

RRP $292.99

Structural Steel Design

RRP $520.99

Structural Steel Design: A Practice-Oriented Approach, 2e, bridges the gap between theory and practice, helping readers learn the basics of steel design and how to practically apply that learning to actual steel-framed building projects.

Teaching and Learning Experience

  • Takes a holistic approach by showing how each individual component design in a steel-framed building is incorporated into a complete building design as one would find in practice.
  • Introduces a design project as part of the end-of-the-chapter problems to expose readers to the important aspects of a real-world steel building design project.


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