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Particles And Fields In The Magnetosphere

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This book contains the lectures presented at the Advanced Study Institute, 'Earth's Particles and Fields, 1969', which was held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, during the period August 4 through 15, 1969. One hundred seventy persons from twelve different countries attended the Institute. The authors and the publisher have made a special effort for rapid publication of an up-to-date status of the particles and fields in the earth's magnetosphere, which is an ever changing research area. Special thanks are due to the lecturers for their diligent preparation and excellent presentations. The individual lectures and the published papers were deliberately limited; the author's cooperation in conforming to these specifications is greatly appreciated. The contents of the book are organized by subject area rather than in the order in which papers were presented during the Institute. Many thanks are due to Drs. Kinsey Anderson, Sam Bame, Leverett Davis, Gilbert Mead, Harry Elliot, Kenneth Behannon, Reimar Lust, A. W. Schardt, Carl-Gunne Eilthammar, and Martin Walt who served as session chairmen during the Institute and contributed greatly to its success by skillfully directing the discussion period in a stimulating manner after each lecture. Dr. Martin Walt and the Summary Panel worked hard to prepare an excellent summary of various aspects of particles and fields in the magnetosphere at the end of the Institute.

The Art Of Grooming

RRP $13.99

Dog grooming plays an enormous role in the well-being and happiness of our beloved pets. My intention for writing this book is to enrich your grooming experiences, and enhance the relationships you have with your dogs. Rather than focus on the techniques and tools, I focus on the principles and intentions. Even though we groom dogs to help them, if it is against their will or if we cause them unintentional damage, we must be willing to reconsider our actions. This book will provide a new perspective on dog grooming, and explain how changing the way we view dog grooming can help us achieve a calm, positive experience. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" Wayne Dyer. This is the Art of Grooming. Thank you so much for reading!

Seven Successes Of Smarter Teams, Part 4

RRP $17.99

Want To KNOW What Makes Smarter Teams SUCCEED? Imagine. Ready? In less than 90 min you could actually KNOW the thinking tools top-tier management consultants use to tackle one of the Seven Successes of Smarter Teams. In our ever-changing world, shallow use of old business ideas no longer cuts it for successful professionals and teams. Agree? Business teams endure frustration and ambiguity. True? Here is where the Seven Successes can be useful to you. Ready for the secret? What Are The Seven Successes? In Seven Successes for Smarter Teams, Dr. Ali Matthew Monadjem, former consultant, team leader and trainer with top business management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, shares seven core elements required for successful business management and team building. This business how to guide teaches proven techniques that can change you or your team forever, and do it fast. Many who use these thinking tools find it much easier to earn six and seven figure annual incomes over time, due to the value these smarter individuals are adding to their teams and organizations (*disclaimer: these earnings are not guaranteed!*). Where are These Techniques From? These techniques are similar to those used by many top business management consultants, in firms such as McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company, AT Kearney, and so on. Now anyone can access great thinking tools and techniques, and more, without years of sacrifice. Useful, right? This is exactly why Dr. A.M. Monadjem developed this series for Accompany Advisory's Executive Learning Academy, which focuses on executives' parallel and complimentary needs for impact consulting and insight-driven capability building. Its global team brings you the best insights on building smarter teams, simply and easily. Do I Need This? Not if you don't want to get more done in less time. Otherwise, definitely. Incredible impact awaits you and your teams. Sound good? Being stuck in traditional ways, with outdated views, can have calamitous costs at all levels. Can teams survive without a good set of core tools? Take Advantage Now! These tricks have worked for many high-potential graduates, consultants, managers, and executives. You can have them work for you. When you read this book you'll take advantage of the Seven Successes, find out what they are, and delve deeper into the third secret of success.

Employment Relations In A Changing Society

RRP $366.99

Leading academics discuss the major changes that have taken place in the production and organizational paradigm of Fordism. The book provides a historical overview of the development of post-Fordism and updates the range of concerns that exist within the debate. The authors go on to link these developments to the New Economy debate and outline the new sets of issues emerging within the context of new employment and social relations.

A Duke's Heart For Christmas

RRP $13.99

Are second chances at love truly possible?Eleanor Chatham has given up on love after Charles chooses another woman to marry. She fears her heart will never recover.
Her entire world is turned upside down with the news of her uncle's passing and her family's sudden ascendancy to the peerage. With her new title, Lady Eleanor suddenly becomes more desirable to suitors as she now has a sizable dowry that goes along with her beauty.
A chance encounter with the Duke of Fenton opens Eleanor's heart to the possibility of love, but the Duke has a secret past. Will the Duke also betray her love? Will Eleanor ever trust this man with her heart?
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a clean, short read, regency romance. It's a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.


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