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Smarter As The New Urban Agenda 2015

RRP $354.99

?This book will provide one of the first comprehensive approaches to the study of smart city governments with theories and concepts for understanding and researching 21st century city governments innovative methodologies for the analysis and evaluation of smart city initiatives. The term "smart city" is now generally used to represent efforts that in different ways describe a comprehensive vision of a city for the present and future. A smarter city infuses information into its physical infrastructure to improve conveniences, facilitate mobility, add efficiencies, conserve energy, improve the quality of air and water, identify problems and fix them quickly, recover rapidly from disasters, collect data to make better decisions, deploy resources effectively and share data to enable collaboration across entities and domains. These and other similar efforts are expected to make cities more intelligent in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, transparency, and sustainability, among other important aspects. Given this changing social, institutional and technology environment, it seems feasible and likeable to attain smarter cities and by extension, smarter governments: virtually integrated, networked, interconnected, responsive, and efficient. This book will help build the bridge between sound research and practice expertise in the area of smarter cities and will be of interest to researchers and students in the e-government, public administration, political science, communication, information science, administrative sciences and management, sociology, computer science, and information technology. As well as government officials and public managers who will find practical recommendations based on rigorous studies that will contain insights and guidance for the development, management, and evaluation of complex smart cities and smart government initiatives.?

The Art Of The Question

RRP $269.99

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."<br> -Albert Einstein<br> <br> The Art of the Question extends the range of cognitive-behavioral therapy by elaborating on the ways that internal questions program thought, emotion, and behavior. Describing a groundbreaking, question-centered approach to therapy, the concepts and practices in this book are essential for facilitating successful counseling and therapy. The Art of the Question contains everything therapists need to add question-centered methods to their therapeutic toolkits.<br> <br> The question-driven nature of choice is one of the pillars of question-centered therapy. The Art of the Question offers practical psycho-educational tools to help clients create better choices, be more effective in the ways they make choices, and take responsibility for their decisions. Clients learn to ask questions leading to solutions and positive possibilities, rather than those focusing on problems, negativity, and limitations. They discover that healing, growth, creativity, and change are often catalyzed through the simple act of changing their questions.<br> <br> The Art of the Question includes:<br> * Question strategies for win-win marriages<br> * Many compelling clinical cases and vignettes<br> * Detailed methods for helping clients discover and transform the silent, implicit questions that program their lives<br> * A framework for asking questions of clients at each stage of the therapeutic process<br> * Illustrated psycho-educational materials for clients<br> <br> <br> The Art of the Question contains everything therapists need to incorporate question-centered methods into their therapeutic tool kits, making it an essential resource and reference guide for all mental health professionals.

The Heart Of A Poet

RRP $66.99

Get ready to be inspired through the Heart of a Poet. Go on a life changing journey as your heart becomes connected with one poet's desire to reveal her true heart, by touching the hearts of others for the Kingdom of God. This is a must read; broken into five categories of Motivation, Love, Children, Encouragement, and Inspiration, this collection of poems will continue to inspire your life in such a way, that will prompt you to share with others.

National Theatres In A Changing Europe

RRP $288.99

Examining the ways in which national theatres have formed and evolved over time, this new collection highlights the difficulties these institutions encounter today, in an environment where nationalism and national identity are increasingly contested by global, transnational and local agendas, and where economic forces create conflicting demands.

Party Time!

RRP $7.99

Can Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants throw Squidward the best birthday party ever? Boys and girls ages 4 8 will enjoy the super-silly celebration in this Step 2 leveled reader."


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