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Messiah Of The Heart

RRP $17.99

Growing up in the midsized Midwestern city of Middletown, Ohio, James Robert "Blue" Heron has what could only be described as a happy childhood. Bright and imaginative, he is unusually well-versed on current issues such as the Vietnam War and the first moon landing-with personal heroes including the likes of Steve McGarrett and Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

But after a real-life neighborhood hero is killed in Vietnam and his father begins facing health issues, the child "Blue" begins to struggle. He begins to lose focus and daydream in class-fixated on scary monsters and dreams of exploration that inhabit his imagination.

Facing growing problems at home and school, Blue begins to find refuge in his creativity and humor, a skill that is equally his greatest blessing and most volatile curse. Now, with a total lack of direction in life, he searches desperately for stability in a rapidly changing world-struggling to keep his own sanity intact along the way.

A coming-of-age tale for the underachievers, artists, and dreamers of the world,Messiah of the Heart: The Signs takes a unique look at one individual's endless search for happiness, independence, and spiritual truth.

Bart Ridgeley

RRP $18.99

He could see from the top of the hill, down which the road wound to the river, that the bridge was gone, and he paused for a moment with an involuntary feeling that it was useless to go forward; but remembering that his way led across, at all events, he walked down to the bank. There it ran, broad, rapid, and in places apparently deep. He looked up and down in vain: no lodged drift-wood; no fallen trees; no raft or wreck; a recent freshet had swept all clear to high-water mark, and the stream rolled, and foamed, and boiled, and gurgled, and murmured in the afternoon August sun as gleefully and mockingly as if its very purpose was to baffle the wearied youth who looked into and over its changing tide.

A Heart Full Of Whiskey

RRP $24.99

She's all alone; lost. She drinks her problems away. She hides herself with makeup. Hanging out with friends she would never hangout before. Going to clubs and getting lost in the music and hooking up with strangers. She's a girl she never thought she would become. She fell apart and It's all because of Vince. Before Vince she was a straight A student. She was a dreamer but now what is she? She reminisces the past searching for hope. She's losing her mind all because she is keeping one little secret; hidden and it all has to do with Vince. So what is that secret she is hiding and can she get herself back together?

Trees In A Changing Environment

RRP $574.99

This book delivers current state-of-the-science knowledge of tree ecophysiology, with particular emphasis on adaptation to a novel future physical and chemical environment. Unlike the focus of most books on the topic, this considers air chemistry changes (O3, NOx, and N deposition) in addition to elevated CO2 effects and its secondary effects of elevated temperature. The authors have addressed two systems essential for plant life: water handling capacity from the perspective of water transport; the coupling of xylem and phloem water potential and flow; water and nutrition uptake via likely changes in mycorrhizal relationships; control of water loss via stomata and its retention via cellular regulation; and within plant carbon dynamics from the perspective of environmental limitations to growth, allocation to defences, and changes in partitioning to respiration. The authors offer expert knowledge and insight to develop likely outcomes within the context of many unknowns. We offer this comprehensive analysis of tree responses and their capacity to respond to environmental changes to provide a better insight in understanding likelihood for survival, as well as planning for the future with long-lived, stationary organisms adapted to the past: trees.

A Start From The End

RRP $18.99

A short novel


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